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Hey ppl :)

I just came across this community and see that no one has posted for a while, so I thought I'd put in my $0.02. I have two dilemmas :

1. I have created a new LJ (after having an old one for YEARS and just getting sick of it) and have made it friends only, with a list of friends I mostly know IRL. As a result, I don't have a huge friends list and very little chance of making new LJ friends. Do you think posting stuff in a community would help? LOL

2. A boy I was *seeing* (not dating) a while back has recently kind of come back into my life now that I am single. On Christmas day he told me I was beautiful. Today he came to visit me at work and when a colleague asked if we were related (why? I have NO idea - don't worry, we don't look alike) he responded with "Not yet". Do you think he just wants to get into my pants? Or wants a second chance for a serious relationship?

Comment and let me know, babes!!
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